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Company terms and conditions

Our standard contract terms and conditions, covering Spaces Property Services obligations, the client’s obligations,  any reciprocal obligations, charging for change orders, charging for extras and deletions and delays.

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Spaces Property Services obligations

  1. Selection of subcontractors and suppliers to be undertaken solely by builder. (If client decides to use own subcontractor see points 6&7 above.)
  2. Diligence, supervision and workforce. Builder required to move project along diligently towards its substantial completion.
  3. Responsibility for damage and for failures of existing work. The builder is responsible for damage caused by negligence of his or her crew and subcontractors. That responsibility does not extend to, for instance, collapse of existing work so frail that the normal impacts of nearby construction causes it to fail.
  4. Matching existing finishes or samples. The builder will use a skilled and conscientious effort to achieve a reasonable match.
  5. Materials provided by builder.  The builder is responsible for those materials.
  6. The Builder is obliged to produce work of good quality.


Client's obligations

  • Provide proof of ownership.
  • Maintain access for builder.
  • Keep children and pets off work site.
  1. Punch/Snag List – at substantial completion/within a week – make a single Punch/Snag list, otherwise it is assumed you are satisfied with the work.
  2. Make decisions and discharge other obligations in a timely fashion.
  3. If client uses their own subcontractor, any subsequent delays that affect the job may be chargeable. (i.e. Not turning up on agreed date and time; incompetent work)
  4. If the client’s subcontractor works in an unsafe manner, and/or impedes work by bad building practises, ‘Spaces Property Services’ reserves the right to stop the job until issue is resolved. Costs may be charged to the owner.
  5. If client’s suppliers do not deliver material at the agreed time, clients may be responsible for any extra labour costs that may occur.
  6. Materials provided by owner.  The builder would prefer to provide all materials. If client provides materials defects are their responsibility.
  7. Materials provided by owner.  It is client’s responsibility to bring to attention any special requirements of materials. I.e. certain floor tiles need to be treated in specific ways re sealing etc.

Reciprocal obligations

1.  Proof of Insurance. 
Builder is to provide proof of insurance. Client/owners are to provide evidence that they have insurance that will insure work against destruction once it is in place.

2. Termination Rights. 
The builder has the right to stop work if the owners fail to live up to their obligations, especially to pay and make decisions in a timely fashion. Likewise the client/owner can terminate the builder for failure to build in accordance documents or for failure to pay the subs, employees or suppliers.

3.     Warranties.  Any failures builder will be given reasonable time to correct them. Work is guaranteed for one year.

Charging for change orders

A few hours a week work  is not charged. Beyond that, preparation is charged at a professional rate for all work including:

  • Discussion with owner or designer
  • Design
  • Cost planning including inspections of existing conditions and development or alternative approaches to doing the work
  • Consultant’s fee
  • Discussion with and obtaining quotes from suppliers
  • Estimating crew labour and material costs
  • Writing of change orders
  • NB The charge is due whether or not client elects to do the work as described in the change orders.


Charging for extras and deletions

  •  Builder gives fixed price for each change order or the work will be performed on a T&M (Time and Materials) Basis.
  • Payment for Change Orders is due at Substantial Completion.
  •  Builder has sole responsibility for determining the impact of Change Orders on schedule.
  • For small deletions, costs only, not mark ups, are credited back. For large deletions, builder retains enough markup to compensate for overhead, risk and lost opportunity costs.


Spaces Property Services are not be liable for delay or failure to perform the work due to illness, death, accident or third-party fault or force majeure or for any other reason outside its reasonable control.